New China

Sichuan, Hunan, Cantonese
Monday Closed
Tues.-Thurs.: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri.&Sat.: 11:00am-11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00noon-10:00pm

We Use 100% Vegetable Oil.

Thank you for visiting our website, New China in Hamilton, OH is now back open! Please double check our address before placing an online order. Everyone please stay safe and healthy!

  • Do you have beef, broccoli & ramen noodles?  If so, where is it listed?
    bbank***** posted at 7/25/2021
  • Hi, so I stopped in and ordered two Chow Mei Fun dishes, one with pork and a vegetable option for my girlfriend, who really doesn’t eat meat. I arrived in Troy, basically an hour away and the “vegetable” dish has chicken in it. No real point trying to fix something that would involve a two hour round trip, but dinner was ruined.
    billpar******** posted at 2/16/2021
  • Please call me soonest during office hours at 18675283029 I wish to acquire some services from you and would like to have more information from a responsible sales person.
    jjanso****** posted at 3/11/2020
  • Fast delivery and the food is the best I’ve had in a long time!  Will definitely be our #1 Chinese Restaurant.
    mamac***** posted at 1/6/2020
  • How long is my order will deliver?
    alterin******** posted at 12/19/2019
  • You guys are sooooooo EXPENSIVE
    pita***** posted at 7/30/2019
  • Ordered delivery late last night 1/4/2019, first Friday of the month.  Ordered our favorites. Don't know how you do it but the food just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for the quality food and delivery.
    marit****** posted at 1/5/2019
  • My husband just picked up our order after waiting for an hour and was charged 2 times for our large order. I have tried to call several times and it has a message and you cannot speak to anyone. 
    theve****** posted at 12/25/2018
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    hnb**** posted at 6/25/2018
  • Well y’all still be able to deliver my food 
    talijah******* posted at 3/31/2018
  • are you closed yet
    shir**** posted at 3/23/2018
  • The shipping charge is so expensice
    colc**** posted at 3/4/2018
  • Wow.  You just complicated your site so much!  Coupons don't load...third party host doesn't work.  I had to reset my account 6x before it worked!  Unbelievable!
    joeb**** posted at 1/23/2018
  • VERY VERY Good! New China is my go-to for Chinese take-out. This is my first and only choice. Large menu with many options. I really like the ability to order and pay on-line. 
    ise**** posted at 12/31/2017
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  • This place is chroniiicccc! General Tso is amazing. Lo Mein is great, crab rengoon so good! I suggest picking it up so you can guarantee your order is right. These ppl are Chines, ya know. There is a language barrier but food is so good. 
    lind***** posted at 1/22/2016